3x reliability

Reliability is not just about making the right deals and living up to them. You can only really trust a company when it has a grip on its internal processes. It needs to implement the proper safety regulations and operate in accordance with national and international law. A company also needs to secure its online presence. This is how Franziska, Wouter, and Eric, each in their own discipline guarantee Van Hessen’s reliability.

Van Hessen Nieuwsbrief 3X


Eric began in 2009 as a legal one-man shop at one of Van Hessen’s predecessors. Today there are three people at the Legal Department with Eric as Group Legal Counsel. In the past few years, the team has worked hard to create a contract archive. Now there is a legal foundation for external relations. The department also deals with all kinds of jurisdictions: corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, contract law, administrative law, etc. “Our goal is to create a uniform, recognizable, and transparent product,” says Eric. “This way you get contract terms that are clear for all involved.” Eric is also Compliance Officer and helps Van Hessen to do business ethically.


Since last year, Franziska Faustmann has been responsible for the quality and safety management in Van Hessen’s gutrooms in Germany. She makes sure that everyone follows company hygiene and safety standards and that everyone does so under the required circumstances. Franziska also implements existing quality and safety standards while developing new ones together with Operations. If needed, Franziska consults with specialists like engineers and medical doctors. She travels a lot: “It’s great to have rules, but they need to be implemented to be effective. So, I check whether people wear their safety equipment and wash their hands. Luckily, my colleagues trust me, because they know I provide a safe space for issues they run into.”


Wouter van Beek is Global Management Information Systems Director for Van Hessen. That means a lot of meetings about daily operations and monitoring projects. Together with a small team, he also works on innovations. IT ensures that employees of Van Hessen around the world can find each other and have access to the right information. That needs to happen securely so that the outside world cannot easily get to it as well. “More than ‘not easily’ is beyond our scope these days,” says Wouter. “Compared to ten years ago, keeping people with malicious intent out has become our most important task. We designed our network in such a way that we can isolate a part of it.”