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Van Hessen is the leading global player in the harvesting, processing and distribution of natural casings, meat products and pharmaceutical products. Thanks to our worldwide operation of gutrooms inside slaughterhouses, Van Hessen is able to operate close to the source and secure a constant flow of raw material for our customers. By controlling and supervising all steps in the process of the supply chain, we can guarantee high quality products.

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Westpol-Teeuwissen fully owned by Van Hessen

Van Hessen becomes full owner of Westpol-Teeuwissen on January, the 25th, 2024, by acquiring the remaining shares from joint venture partner Jarosław Aubrecht Prądzyński. Van Hessen and Jarosław Aubrecht Prądzyński both previously owned 50% of Westpol-Teeuwissen in Poland. This acquisition strengthens Van Hessen's leading position in the market of natural casings, meat products and pharmaceutical products.

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Our products

Van Hessen offers a diverse product portfolio consisting of high-quality natural casings, meat products and raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry. We ensure high quality standards by working closely with our suppliers, by carefully listening to the needs of our customers and foremost by our dedication and drive to provide value.

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