Westpol-Teeuwissen fully owned by Van Hessen

Van Hessen becomes full owner of Westpol-Teeuwissen on January, the 25th, 2024, by acquiring the remaining shares from joint venture partner Jarosław Aubrecht Prądzyński. Van Hessen and Jarosław Aubrecht Prądzyński both previously owned 50% of Westpol-Teeuwissen in Poland. This acquisition strengthens Van Hessen's leading position in the market of natural casings, meat products and pharmaceutical products.

Continued success

Jarosław Aubrecht Prądzyński and Van Hessen have jointly owned Westpol-Teeuwissen since 2004. Harald van Boxtel, CEO of Van Hessen: "In those more than 19 years, Jarosław Aubrecht Prądzyński and his team have always ensured that Westpol-Teeuwissen could operate successfully. We are delighted that Jarosław Aubrecht Prądzyński is giving us the confidence to continue that success." For Jarosław Aubrecht Prądzyński, the time came to distance himself from Westpol-Teeuwissen: "I look back with great pride at everything I have accomplished with Westpol-Teeuwissen. The employees, customers and suppliers are in trusted hands with Van Hessen." For a period of six months Jarosław Aubrecht Prądzyński will be an advisor to Westpol-Teeuwissen to make a smooth transition possible.

New leadership

Van Hessen has appointed Arkadiusz Sokołowski as the new managing director of Westpol-Teeuwissen. Mr. Sokołowski was already working at SARIA Group, which Van Hessen is also part of. Arkadiusz Sokołowski: "I’m looking forward to starting for Van Hessen at Westpol-Teeuwissen and developing the business of Westpol-Teeuwissen in the future." Van Hessen is continuously looking to maintain the highest quality and yield of its natural casings, meat products and pharmaceutical products. As such, Van Hessen will continue to invest in Westpol-Teeuwissen’s staff and future innovation.

Global and local

The facilities of Westpol-Teeuwissen are from now on fully integrated within Van Hessen’s supply chain in 27 countries. Products are purchased, processed and distributed in the worldwide production branches. Van Hessen’s global coverage enables them to support their customers and suppliers at a local level while serving the entire world. Harald van Boxtel: “So that we remain that reliable partner and can continue to create value throughout the supply chain."



About Van Hessen

Van Hessen is the leading global player in the harvesting, processing and distribution of natural casings, meat products and pharmaceutical products. Van Hessen is headquartered in the Netherlands and operates in many countries worldwide. Van Hessen is part of SARIA Group.

About Westpol-Teeuwissen

Westpol-Teeuwissen Sp. z o.o. in Rzeczenica, Poland operates in the harvesting, processing and distribution of natural casings, meat products and pharmaceutical products. westpol.pl

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