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We are making progress in reducing our use of climate-intensive resources. We are now measuring our overall carbon footprint so that we can set reduction targets in the future. We want to keep environmental considerations at the forefront of our business strategy choices and are constantly looking for new opportunities to refine our processes.


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It is a key priority for us to understand how we can improve our employees working experience. In 2023 we are conducting an employee survey to understand how our employees evaluate working at Van Hessen and what are the highest priority areas for improvement. We intend to improve the employee experience at both a global and local level with group and region-specific teams to address the priority topics identified by our valued team members.

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Van Hessen prides itself on a strong foundation of ethical business practices, which is reflected in our reputation throughout the industry. We are committed to common practices against corruption and unfair competition, including a whistleblower system.



Over the past few years, we have expanded our raw material sourcingWe established new production locations all over the world, which enables a local sourcing model that improves the carbon footprint associated with transporting our product. We see local-for-local as an important part of our global strategy.



We are a member of the SARIA Group, where sustainability is at the core of the business model. For more than 40 years, SARIA has found innovative ways to keep things flowing in a cycle in the agriculture, energy, animal, feed, food, catering and pharmaceutical industries.

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As Part of SARIA Group, Van Hessen was awarded the EcoVadis Silver medal in 2023.

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Want to learn more about sustainability? Please get in touch with our Sustainability Team:

telephone: +31 180 330 100

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