3x It all matters

A slogan only truly represents the identity of an organization when all employees immediately understand it. When, regardless of the job someone does, there is that moment of recognition: “Yes, this fits. This is who we are.” Even though Mariangel, Saliha and Sarah are on different continents and do very different things, they can only affirm that for them, everything matters.

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Saliha el Achmaoui is Van Hessen’s Manager Production in Morocco. Every day she teams up with Van Hessen’s local partner, Belhaj Boyauderie Du Maroc, to produce selected hog casings of uniform quality. “I like my job a lot’” she says. “Before joining, it never occurred to me how complex the casing industry really is. Every day is different and brings unique challenges. I love working for a global company. I get to talk to colleagues from all over the world while working with a solid team that is committed to quality.” That it all matters is foundational: “Natural casings come in different colors, diameters, and qualities. We transform them into a product that meets Van Hessen’s global standards. Every little action and routine has a distinct purpose toward meeting customer expectations everywhere in the world.




Mariangel Sanchez has been the Human Resources Supervisor at Van Hessen’s selection plant in Paraguay for the past 7 months. 133 employees are entrusted to her care. Mariangel enjoys the day-to-day dynamics of the company. “There is a genuine team spirit here, and you notice that in the interaction with individual colleagues.” As HR Supervisor, Mariangel interprets the core value “It all matters” as the importance of understanding each individual. “How are they doing? Are they finding satisfaction in their work? Asking such questions is essential to ensuring that everybody is part of the team. Even when we cannot remove the causes of problems employees face at home, we can make them feel understood, which helps them function better in the team.”




Sarah Svendsen initially thought she’d be at a loss to explain how the new slogan, “It all matters” applies to her job. But when she describes a typical day, it all falls into place: “When I walk into the office, I can be pulled in several directions. One moment, I work with the Manager Production, next I deal with a customer issue, and then there’s a question about safety. It’s all important!” Sarah joined Van Hessen USA, Chicago, almost 10 years ago and never looked back. “I would be bored if it wasn’t this busy,” she says. As Director of Operations and in charge of 5 departments, Sarah knows like no other how it all matters. Whether it’s maintenance, labeling shipments, or addressing customers, “we need to keep it all in focus, and we can because of a fantastic team.”