Casings Are Everywhere

Did you know that casings can be used for more things than sausages or pharmaceutical products such as heparin? Some of these applications are as old as humanity while others are relatively new. You’ll find casings in hospitals, in the world of music, in sports, but they also show up in mood lighting and fashion. An amazing overview…

Darmen Overal
You get attached to it

In the medical world, sheep casings and the membrane of beef casings are being used as suture material during surgeries. Very thin threads of casing tissue are woven together into a strong and sturdy material that once having fulfilled its task eventually gets absorbed by the body. The thread is called catgut, not because it is made from the guts of cats but the guts of CATtle.


Patches Since it is possible to turn casings into a strong material that can be absorbed by the body, it is also used to create patches that temporarily support an organ in the body. Once the organ is healed the patch is automatically replaced by live body cells.

Baroque Sounds

Nowadays the strings of stringed instruments are typically made of steel or plastic. In the past, however, they were made of sheep casings. Some professionals in the classical music genre are not only interested in playing the music of the past. They als want to perform it on ancient instruments. These instruments require strings made of casings. That’s how you make a baroque orchestra sound like the 18th century. Strings made from casings are popular all over again.

Pied Piper?

There is even more music in those guts. Did you know that in Germany too they used to play bagpipes? The German bags, however, were not made of leather but pig bladders. The Pied Piper may have played one.


How do you win a tennis match? By being better than your opponent, by hitting the ball just right, and being able to endure. But the quality of your racket is also important. Did you know that the strings are made of the membrane of beef casings? These casings know how to aim not least because they’re also used for archery.

Finishing touch in mood lighting and fashion

There is a company in San Francisco that specializes in making exclusive lighting and fashion. Nothing special here. But did you know, it uses casings as decorative elements in a number of its creations?