Know your ABC of the bowel package

Increase your knowledge of the Van Hessen jargon so you can join the conversation.


Bowel Package

A bowel package is als known as pluck or gut package. As the term indicates, it consists of the stomach, big and small intestine, pancreas, duodenum, appendix, rectum or fat end, net fat, ruffle fat, and crown fat of the slaughtered animal.


The bung is a cap, i.e. the appendix, of the cow or the pig. The bung cap of pigs, for instance, is used for dry sausages. It is the only intestine that is naturally closed on one end. In the past, sheep bungs (appendices) were used as condoms.


C3MP is the acronym for Category 3 Meat Products and is used for products that are not suitable for human consumption and are intended for the pet food industry.
FGMP FGMP stands for Food Grade Meat Products and is the category for products that are suitable for human consumption.

Green Runner

A green runner is the small intestine of a sheep or hog in which the intestinal mucus, the so-called mucosa, and fat are still present. It has a green natural color.


A Hank is a bundle calibrated casings of which the total length is 100 yards.


The caliber of natural casings is expressed in millimeters. Diameter is another word for caliber. The caliber is always about the diameter of the casing when filled with water in case of hogs and sheep casings and air in case of beef casings. The caliber is expressed with a special syntax. When a casing is a caliber of 20/22 that means that the casing has a diameter that ranges from 20 to 22 millimeters. The calibers are also color-coded by way of the rings with which a hank is held together. Each caliber has its color and each hank contains casings from the same caliber.


Mucosa is the official name for intestinal mucus. Each slaughtered hog yields about 1 kg mucosa. Usually, the protective layer of the casing, the so-called caul, is mixed with the mucosa which then results in a yield of around 1.7 kg per hog. The harvesting of this important and valuable substance takes place in our gutrooms. However, Van Hessen also purchases this directly from slaughterhouses in Brazil and the United States. The mucosa is used as the source material for the production of heparin. This is done by our sister company Bioiberica in Spain. Heparin is a medicine that you can find in blood thinners. Together with Bioiberica Van Hessen ensures that pharmaceutical companies worldwide have a constant supply of high-quality heparin.


The Proline tube is a flexible flat tube in the well-known Van Hessen color around which you can slide the casing. Sausage makers simply have to place the tube over the filling nozzle. This way they can work safely and effectively producing the best quality sausage possible.


A runner is exactly one uncalibrated original casing. A beef runner is about 36 meters, a hog runner 18, and a sheep runner about 22 meters.

White Runner

A white runner is a green runner that has been completely cleaned. It no longer contains mucosa or fat. This also explains its color. The transparent Sausage casing only needs to be selected. This selecting is done by quality and diameter.