Van Hessen Makeover

Van Hessen has grown exponentially over the past years. A world player needs to be able to present itself with a quality that is not only noticeable in the company’s products or the way it operates. The visual image needs to be in order as well.


With this objective in mind, but no less because we have to move along with the times, the main office has been undergoing reconstruction. The building has been renovated both on the inside and the outside. The results are praiseworthy. We now have a contemporary office with a pleasant working environment.

It is important for both customers and stakeholders that the company knows how to present itself in style. For Van Hessen, this means a warm professional appearance that reflects the passion for this industry. This builds trust with our partners and says that we are who we are.

The renovated building also provides a welcome change for the Van Hessen staff who work in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel. In the period ahead, more locations will receive an upgrade with the two-fold aim.