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Soaking instructions

Thank you for your trust in Van Hessen. For maximum satisfaction, we advise you to carefully follow the (soaking) instructions. Only then can we guarantee the best results. The only other things these quality casings need is the addition of delicious meat, the best spices, and, of course, your craft. The combination of all these factors can only result in a delicious quality sausage. If you do have questions, you can always contact one of our colleagues.

Soaking video

For maximum satisfaction, we advise you to carefully follow the (soaking) instructions.

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Step 1

Gently rinse the nets in fresh, ambient water to remove all brine and salt. Change the rinsing water frequently.

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Step 2

Fill a container with cold water. Make sure that the temperature is no higher than 15°C / 59ºF. Submerge the rinsed nets in water for a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 16 hours in a chilled environment. Use a minimum of 1 liter water per hank.

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Step 3

For the final soak, fill a container with warm water. This water has an ideal temperature of 37°C / 98ºF but never higher than 40°C / 104ºF. Place the nets in this water 30-45 minutes prior to filling. At this stage we advise to remove the nets.

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Step 4

Place the index finger of your right hand in the hole at the folded end of the Proline tube. Hold the casing at the other end with your left hand. Make sure that the rail (zip lock) is facing away from you.

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Step 5

Pull the Proline tube and casing over the filling nozzle, beginning with the folded end of the tube. Hold the Proline tube in both hands, at a slight angle (10-15 degrees) to start with. Pull the tube and the casing over the filling nozzle allowing the angle to become parallel with the filling nozzle.

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Step 6

Pull the Proline tube from underneath the casing in one smooth and swift motion. The motion will be partially towards you and partially towards the filling machine as the rail opens up. You can use your left hand to make sure the casing stays in position. Spread the casing out over the filling nozzle as required. Start filling!